The Blessing Of Day Break

(Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Concourse C, across from Starbucks)

Soooo, I’m in the airport after a flight that left at “O:Dark Thirty”. I grabbed a hot cup of  Starbucks habit and noticed the sun was making it’s way up the ladder of day break.  It was then I noticed…mornings are absolutly dope! There is something peacefull about being up to see the sky turn from black to purple to purple-blue then a magnificent burnt orange preparing the way for a large circular bundle of magnificent that emerges from the depths of night. It is the most intimate time of the day where I’ve prayed some of the deepest prayers in my life to date.

When I think about mornings, I think about new beginigs. Fresh starts, resets and another chance to come back from whatever happened the day before. It’s powerful. I’m sure there is a scripture about morning around here somewhere it is.. (Psalm 30:5)!

Mornings to me are biblical. Seeing this large sphere float above the horizon isnt just for show. I guess God knew there would be so much pain and trouble in this world that He had to create a daily reminder that no matter what happens, time will keep moving and so will we!

So, that said…take one morning (or two or three) where you wake up before the rest of your world, watch this mighty pagentry of cosmic transition then wisper to God thanking Him for a brand new day to be and do all the things He has called you to do.