Hot Off The Press (….Literally)


(Photo of my article in the South Florida Times newspaper ….)

My article “Why I’m not doing a 2017 vision board” first appeared in the and I was thrilled. Then it gets even better. In the middle of me cleaning out my closet and purging old items that no longer brought me joy, my phone makes it’s characteristic whistle-chirp noise telling me there is a new text message or an email. When I am “knee deep” in work, I usually ignore the phone until I am at a good stopping point. This time was different. I paused what I was doing, walked over the mounds of clothes that would be making it’s way to Goodwill and grabbed the phone. It was an email that turned out to be an awesome invitation for my article to be a part of The South Florida Times’ “Prayerful Living” section. What an awesome way to end 2016. Unbeknownst to me, the act of getting rid of things that were just taking up space allowed room for an unexpected blessing.

Maybe I need to throw away some more things.