2017: The year that taught me to make room for the unexpected


As I sit here in bed relishing in the some of the moments of this past holiday season, I would be remiss not to post about this past year. You see, New Years Eve 2016, I was filled with expectancy. 2017 was gonna be “The Year Of The Tracey”. After living timidly just waiting for the perfect moment to take a year “by force” and be the best possible version of my myself, I was going to take 2017 by force and make it completely mine.

And I did……..

I crossed major hurdles and basked into places I only dreamed of being in. Somehow I grew into a better version of myself and it was dope. Opportunities started to open up and the remainder of the year was wide open for the taking.

and then……(there is always an “and then” in the story)

One or two sun showers turned into an all-out hurricane (literally…and figuratively) that rocked my dreamboat well off course into uncharted territory. The “wilds of life” so to speak struck.  “The Wilds” is a place you never expect to end up despite your best efforts. For some, its infidelity, separation, divorce, job loss, sudden loss of a loved one or a health crisis. Sometimes old hurts that you thought were resolved just show up to the party uninvited.

There I was, in the middle of nowhere. Me and my boat. Lost. Now the first inclination of going into unchartered territory, a believer will ask God “Why?”. Every day and every night I pondered this question in my heart. When my provisions (thoughts like “Ok God, I been through struggles before, this won’t be long”) started to run out and I was solely reliant on every word in 10pt font on every page in my beat up hardcover bible, it was then God showed up and started to direct my ship out of “The Wilds”.

Being shipwrecked in the “The Wilds” wasn’t in MY plans for 2017. I was supposed to be sailing off the coast of success. Relaxing on the beaches of prosperity. I was supposed to step off my boat at my destination like a relaxed cruiser ready for a fun-filled day at the port. Instead, I pulled up in a tattered dingy ( that didn’t even properly dock mind you) , jumped into the cool water and ran my hind parts to shore like it was the first time I’ve seen land. When my feet touched solid ground, I collapsed. I rolled over on my back with a smile as I peered into the same blue sky I saw when I set out to conquer 2017 back in January. Never mind that there was more forest to go through in the background. I was on solid ground.

2017 was THAT year. And I’m sure everyone has experienced THAT year where things start off great then all of a sudden it just free falls then somehow regain control and sails calmly again. I learned to make room for the unexpected. Have a vision, but make room for God to re-direct at a moments notice. My mom always says “Lords will” after she announces her plans for the day or the future. Now, I understand why.

For 2018, I am going to live my best life just like how I planned to do in 2017. This time, I’ll be sure to expect the unexpected and give God the space he desires to move in.


No Agenda: Merry Christmas

In past years, I’d be up getting the turkey and other side dishes ready for a big holiday meal. The fact that I been doing this since I retired my mother from the kitchen (since 2005)  says that this year was gonna be different. Instead of fighting with a 15-pound Butterball turkey, I ‘chillaxed’ with Good Morning America. I traded peeling sweet potatoes for workout clothes and sneakers. I traded standing on my feet for hours, for jogging in my neighborhood.


It wasn’t fully abandoning the Christmas cooking that made this holiday special (I left it up to an on-sale pre-made lasagna), it was pausing to live life in the moment. No agenda. No plan. Just taking in the hours as they came. This Christmas I  tasted the sweetness of the morning, breathed in the aroma of the neighborhood’s culinary culture (I live in a predominantly Caribbean neighborhood) and hearing kids play with their new bikes and toys. As the day progressed, I filled my little sanctuary in the outskirts of Miami Gardens with all the Christmas music I could stand and danced in the sweetness of the moment. Be it single, “booed” up or married, I’m sure those who celebrate Christmas were in the busy-ness of their own rituals. For me, I was doing something new: pausing to breathe in the day…………. until mom called to announce that she’s ready to eat.

365+ days and -40 pounds later…


How fitting that I am writing this in time for Labor Day 2017. I’m a few days out from a work trip and I had to stop at the mall for a few “Fall weather” pieces (I’m going to Chicago and this South Florida dweller needs to look the part). I pulled a few things in XL at a popular store and I was alarmed when I tried them on.

They were too big!

I tried to gather my thoughts as I put back what I pulled and grabbed a size L so that I can quickly get back home to pack and enjoy the remaining part of my long weekend. Today, on Labor Day, I realized that I’ve been indeed laboring for over a year on a journey that took me to the depths of myself. When I say depth I mean depths I didn’t know existed. It was in those depths I grew closer to God who gave me what I needed to go from 260 to 220 pounds with a lot of inches gone.

I don’t even know where to start other than I’ve spent a greater portion of 2016 trying to get control of my health. Rather than me going off on a sugar and pizza deprived rant about how hard it is to reign in one’s waistline, maybe I can share a few things I learned during this time that are outside of the typical advice of “cut calories and workout” with a more personal touch! I desire for the brave souls who want to embark on this path to keep a few things in mind before building lofty goals only to have a number on the scale throw them into a depressive abyss laced with rum raisin Haagen Daas ice cream.

Sugar is evil
There is no way around this. If you want to drop pounds/inches, drop the white sugar/white carbs/processed foods/boxed cereals etc. Brown sugar too! Just drop the sweet stuff. Sugar is stored as fat immediately and if you have metabolic/sugar issues (i.e. insulin resistance) that make it hard to lose weight, the white stuff must get the boot. Oh, and grain gets broken down into sugar too! Carbs equal sugar. Sugar transforms into fat. Get it? Got it? You know the right carbs and you know the wrongs ones. Govern yourselves accordingly!

This journey ain’t cheap. Prepare to spend money.
Organic fruits, veggies, /grass fed/cage free/ free range/wild caught or “birthed on the glistening shores of Lake Minnetonka during the second moon phase” meats are not cheap. Canisters of nutritional shakes both whey and plant based are not cheap. Good blenders are not cheap. The trainers/gyms/crossfit/”insert latest workout studio concept here” that pay their bills from the money of the weight oppressed are not cheap. Herbal teas, juicing, meal plans, smoothies and other healthy eating methods that bombard your facebook feed are not cheap. Get ready to shell out duckets, mulah, cabbage, and scrilla to this movement. Get ready to watch the disposable income you had prior to this new journey dwindle out of your bank account as fast as you can say “diet water” until you can get into a system of finding things at a discount. It’s what it is. Starting out, prepare to spend $$$ if you are indeed serious. Think about it like this. Pay the gym, trainer, farmers market and health gurus now rather than pay the doctors and pharmacists later.

Thou must change thy diet
I didn’t want to believe it when people say, “abs are made in the kitchen” or “you can’t out train a poor diet”. Well, I am here to tell you that you can’t out train a poor diet.

I tried it and failed.

I cheated with my meals and wondered why I hit barriers in my journey. It wasn’t until I let go of the cheats on the weekends that I really saw a change. For me, I had to go drastic and cut the bad stuff out completely for months. Did I still satisfy my “Doritos in the red bad habit” ? Yes, but instead of the regular bag at the store, I opted for one 50 cent bag once or twice a month. By the time I got the hang of eating better, my body wanted the good stuff and the good stuff was snacking on celery sticks, apples, almonds, other fruits, and veggies. Some people have to go “cold turkey” and some start at one meal at a time. Either way, your diet must change for optimal results. BONUS: Incorporate supplements like vitamins into your new eating plan to make sure you are getting everything your body needs.

You will need a decent workout wardrobe and shoes
Back in the day, all I needed was a “half price” pair of “out of season sneakers” from the local Marshalls, a few t-shirts and some workout pants. I was clearly content with my work out gear situation until a buddy of mine who runs 5ks’, 10k’s and half marathons told me I will mess up feet if I don’t have the right shoe. Then another friend who is a sleek looking “gym fox” told me about a concept called “look good feel good” That’s right! If you look good while working out, you will feel good…whatever that may mean. I now have special shoes and clothes for walking/jogging, organized boot camps and multivariate (i.e. Zumba and Tai-Bo style) workouts. A sista gotta look good while she’s in pain right? I will say the shoe thing is true. You don’t want to have back pain, and joint issues because of bad sneakers no matter how cheap they are.

Some doctors will help you, most won’t. Find the ones that will.
I know this may come as a shock. If you have a doctor that is fully invested in your health and not just taking your blood for A1C and Vitamin D levels then you are blessed. If you are overweight and have a doctor that is taking a “wait and see” approach to your health and not guiding you to a nutritionist every time you walk into the office…..Leave.And.Never.Look.Back.

Find a doctor or better yet a specialist who will take a decent look at the factors of why you are overweight, what is keeping you overweight and do extensive blood exams to see what vital nutrients you are lacking. If you are deficient in a few areas, that could hinder your overall health and weight loss efforts. Some doctors will wait until you are fully diabetic with high blood pressure to really DO something. If you are pre-diabetic, some will try and pump you up with metformin then tell you to change your lifestyle. For the love of your health and mind, find a specialist where weight loss and nutrition is their focus. As a woman, I found one that works with weight loss with AND hormones. After several hundred dollars (and failed weight loss attempts) I learned that both go hand in hand.

You will hit a wall
Let’s say the first three weeks are gold. You nailed a food prep schedule and drinking gallons of water on a weekly basis. By the first day of the fourth week, your palate is bored, your body is tired and you are looking at the rest of the year like, “seriously, am I reeeeeaaally doing this?”. That wall will pop up often. There will be a rainy day where you just don’t feel like working out or even making chicken breasts, brown rice and broccoli for the week. Trust me, there will be a time you just don’t feel like it. Don’t run through the wall. Embrace it for a day, have one french fry then keep it moving. It’s ok. Weight loss fatigue is real. Take a mental break so that you can keep moving forward. But don’t break for too long.

Your body will fight you
No matter how strong you think your will, mind and heart is, your body will fight you to the bitter end. Your legs will get sore, your muscles will ache and the fat may or may not budge after weeks of working out and eating right. When the body is used to being overweight, it wants to STAY overweight. Don’t believe me, there are some studies out there including people who have lost a lot of weight only to gain it right back. When your body raises up against your health efforts, look at those sore muscles, your belly, arms and other problem areas. Tell them, “it’s ok to fight me but in the end, I will win”! If you have to do this every day, then so be it.

Your body is different and will respond differently to diet & exercise than someone else.
When folks start posting stunning weight loss pictures on social media, you might look in the mirror and wonder, “whats wrong with me”. I’m here to tell you, not a thing. Everyone is different. I know you’re probably tired of hearing that but it’s true. If you are a woman and you see men drop weight like I drop money at Whole Foods, it’s because their genetic makeup is different. If you were always a heavy kid/teenager/young adult then adult, chances are it might take you a bit longer to drop the pounds. If you never had visible abs, it might take you a bit longer to achieve them. I want you to hug your body and repeat after me: “Body, (seriously repeat after me) Body, you are unique, all the cells that made you are unique, thank you for being you”. Everybody is going to lose weight at their own pace. What quickly works for one person may work slowly for you.

Be happy for small wins..and stay off the scale
If you can wear the jeans or shirt you weren’t able to wear last year, be happy. Something is working. The cylinders are firing off. Fat is being decimated. Something, anything is happening. You might be tempted to run to the scale. Don’t do it if you like your joy and happiness. Don’t do it if you intend to stay on the journey for the long run. Sometimes, fat burn/inches lost won’t budge the numbers. The body is odd like that. If there is a win in the journey, be glad for it but for the love of all things good and holy, stay away from the scale.

Prepare for the emotions
Losing weight can be emotional (depending on your “why” for wanting to lose weight”). Couple that with not having “comfort food” and you have grounds for a blistering and uncomfortable emotional relapse. I remember being on my couch one night miserable and headachy because I completely cut sugar/starches/carbs for a few days. I was already in my feelings because I was doing everything I knew to do but getting slow results. I started to question why I was doing this. I was pounding the gym, pounding these meal preps and laundry (working out five times a week had me constantly washing). My mind brought to memory certain dresses I couldn’t wear or putting on a top and not being able to get my arm through a sleeve. The awkwardness of dating because I didn’t “feel” or “look” like my best self all came to mind. Then an old memory of a certain guy I really liked years back who didn’t feel the same way about me because I wasn’t as “petite” like the other girls popped up. Next thing you know, an all-out bawl fest occurred. As you work through the layers of fat, you might have to work through some “other” layers too. Be patient and lean on God. He’ll get you through those rough spots.

No sacrifice, no reward
If you are not prepared to give up your time, money and sanity, you will not get past week three of the weight loss journey. Losing weight is not quick. Losing weight is not easy. You will sacrifice your favorite foods, time and hair styles. You will alter your former life to fit your new life. You will modify recipes. You will walk past the cookies in the break room at work, give up pizza Fridays and taco Tuesdays. In short, you will give up something to get something that is better in the long run. It could better blood work results, numbers on the scale and clothing sizes. If you want something like weight loss, be prepared to sacrifice for it. It’s not free. I will say it again, weight loss is not free.

Find a tribe and abide with them
You’re not eating bad carbs, but someone offers you cookies. You get invited out and your meal choices may annoy a few people. “Oh a little piece of bread won’t hurt”, “wanna  split this dessert, it’s the weekend anyway”. While they mean well, you mean well with what you are doing. Stay the course and remain focused. They are not the ones fighting your battle. You are. There will be times when folks don’t get your workout regiments or pounding the pavement in your neighborhood or local track. It’s ok. I’ve learned when you decide to depart from the person you used to be, your circle and others around you need time to adjust to your new “you”. Sometimes the best journeys are done amongst a tribe of like-minded people who will support you. People are who fighting to workout and eat right. People who are fighting to maintain their health. People who won battles and have tips to share or a shoulder to lean on when the weighted squats become too much to handle. Tank heads, runners, cross-fitters etc, get in where you fit in. And when you emerge from your tribe to hang with family and friends, eat before you leave, look at the menu before going to the restaurant and pick out your healthy meal.

Leave the basket of hot white bread alone…..no dippin’ in your homegirls’ fries either! LOL


If weight loss is not embedded deep in your heart, you are wasting your time.
Heart gets you out of the bed in the morning to work out. Heart tells you to go straight to the gym after work instead of home. Heart keeps you out of the chip and ice cream section of the supermarket. Heart steers you away from the fast food joint. Heart tells you to keep going when you just don’t feel like it. If the weight loss journey is not in your heart then you are wasting your time and your money. The desire to lose weight has to be embedded so deep in your heart that a random cookie or brownie won’t turn your head and Friday nights on the couch can be braved without the pint of (insert your favorite ice cream flavor here).

I hope this personal account will help you ( or someone) along the weight loss quest and keep your sanity while at it. I’ll probablly read this a few times myself as I journey through the last 20 pounds.

Here is the obligatory weight loss pic…The left side was taken Fall of 2016 (260 lbs Size 1X/18W), the right side was taken August of 2017 (220 lbs size L/14-16)

image (1)

What if God pulls a #reclaimingmytime in your daily actions?


So once again the internets are buzzing with the latest hashtag. At first, I didn’t know what it meant when I saw pictures of Rep. Maxine Waters with her trademark “Don’t try it” look in the format of an album cover with the emblazoned words: Reclaiming My Time. Then eventually, someone put up a small video clip of her in action. Apparently, there was some sort of hearing going on. She asked a question that was not answered but instead, pandering took place which made her drop the now famous words “reclaiming my time” or basically “#reclaimingmytime”.

Now if you ever been in a meeting where there were parliamentary rules and procedures, you would totally get her reaction. And if you haven’t, it was clear to see that she was “not havin’ it” after she asked a question and it was intentionally not answered in the time allotted. I thought it was funny as an outsider, but clearly, it wasnt funny to Maxine who asked about the status of a past communication intended for immediate action from a person who deliberately side-stepped the question.

(okay Tracey….so where are you going with this???)

I was in church doing church things until a thought dropped in my mind and heart: God wants his time back.


At first I tried to shake off the thought, thinking I should’nt have peeked at Social Media before service but my mind began to roam on those words. What if God used those exact words of “reclaiming my time” right when we were about to waste the time He has given to us. Don’t get it? Follow me….


Let’s say you are about to….

Get involved with the wrong person  ’cause you’re lonely

God: Reclaiming my time..


Leave the good job God gave you for one you “think” will be better

God: Reclaiming my time..


Waving off prayer and bible study for TV and whatever else that catches your attention

God: Reclaiming my time..


Not waiting for His direction and jumping ahead in impatience

God: Reclaiming my time..


I thought about the minutes, hours and even years I wasted trying to do my own thing. He gave me ideas and the time to execute them, but I either did it with half effort or no effort at all. Which means, whatever I was supposed to do during a certain season in my life did’nt happen. See, we are on His time. We may think the time is ours but it really belongs to God. We are to seek Him in all things and follow His path when revealed. But when we start going on our own path, that’s when time is wasted. You see, Rep. Waters didn’t let that young man go any further with his antics. God will do the same by giving us a funny yet nagging feeling we all get that says “something just aint right” or using situations to block us from going any further. God does give us free will but, we are still required to seek Him for direction in all that we do.

Now, do we stop moving and wait around while the world passes us by. Not quite. We are to make our requests known through prayer and by faith make decisions that line up with scripture. It is the scripture and leading from God that help us not to run into a ditch with time wasted in the aftermath.

So, while Maxine reclaimed her time, I hope we (me included) allow God to reclaim His time in the way we live our lives.

Miami Norland Senior High Class of 1997: Yesterday, Today and Forever

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 11.54.17 AM

(Photo taken during the 20th Reunion Weekend – June 23-25, 2017)

“What good could ever come out of Miami Gardens?” some may ask. Well, sit down and let me tell you.

There is a high school that goes by the name of Norland. Before city incorporation and during an era of civil change mixed with “white flight” because of the influx of African-American and Caribbean families that came to that quiet area looking for a piece of the American dream, something magnificent was in the making. They forged neighborhoods of gold and sent their children to a “maroon and grey” painted school in order to build a legacy that resonated beyond those dual two-story buildings that sat majestically on 195th street and 12th avenue. This was a legacy that went beyond the yearbooks and beyond the stories told to many who would listen. The stories of Norland were shared like folk tales amongst the black alumni from the high schools in Dade county that began with the word “Miami”.


Out of all the chapters that wrote the story for Norland, it was the Class of ’97 that was a part of the greatest era to ever emerge from that small section of North Dade where hard working citizens lived in split level three and four bedroom homes amongst oaks that rolled, a lake named Scott and manicured green lawns as far as the eye can see. Where hard working citizens built an oasis of dreams through their children. The Class of ’97 is amongst the last of that special era of excellence. That sweet time in North Dade where the living was easy and carefree.


As a member and graduate of that chapter in history, I walked, talked and sat in classrooms with the seeds of excellence. I was planted amongst saplings that became the tallest pillars in society. Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Public Services, Corporate Businessmen, and Women just to name a few. ‘Tis so sweet to have written that chapter with my ’97 brothers and sisters. There was a “prestige” that surrounded us. Everyone in Dade county knew about “dem Norland boys” or “those Norland girls”.  And if you had the honor and privilege to say that you were apart of the Class of 1997, you were looked upon with awestruck wonder by classes prior to and afterward.


As l looked upon the faces of greatness this past weekend which was our 20 Year Reunion, I was humbled and filled with a gratitude unspeakable. That weekend was soooo powerful that I , a grown woman in her  30’s was catapulted back into her teenaged years. I saw the halls I walked through, smelled the air that surrounded the campus and even the heard the loud hum of HVAC equipment between each of the buildings as I walked from class to class. My eyes beheld the sepia-toned sea of students in the pep rallies, assemblies and other school-wide gatherings as my ears heard the faint sounds of every hit from Bad Boy Records. My class was special. Those days were special. You see, as ’97 watched ’94, ’95, and ’96 walk the Viking halls, we silently calculated our own strategy for classwide greatness that rocked the school and etched us into the minds of the teachers and administrators where our memory is still vivid to this day.


When I think of the words “Miami Norland Senior High”, I get a tinge of excitement and honor. But when I say Class of ’97, I am arrested with pride and valor. The ’97 edition of The Norland Vikings was bad enough to sail upon an ocean of dreams on dry land then come back 20 years later and sail that very same ocean in eternal victory.
Forget about Sparta. This is Norland and we’re the ’97 Vikings. The best to ever do it!


So, if you ever happen to venture through a small section of Miami Gardens called “The Norland Area”, go to 195th and 12th then drive slow. Although the old building no longer exists and a new one stands, the richness of the Norland legacy still permeates the air and the history of ’97 can be felt in the foundation of that hallowed city block.


Miami Norland Senior High Class of ’97 yesterday, today and forever.

The close of 20 years: I’m going to my high school reunion.


(Side note: when I wrote this, I was on a plane in a very reflective mood)

I’m currently sitting on a plane on my way back to South Florida contemplating if I made the right decision. In between the prepacked peanuts and biscoff cookies, second thoughts on a recent decision ensued. Three weeks prior I threw caution to the wind and paid to attend my 20 year high school reunion. Why the contemplation? Most of the people who I was friends with/hung out with during those crucial four years of “teenagery” chose not to attend because of work, other obligations or just plain ‘ole “nah I ain’t going”. I originally opted to be “too cool for school” and not show up. I mean, who wants to attend something like a “high school reunion” where there’s a mix of people who kinda knew you or just didn’t know you without the old crew to retreat to and people watch with.

*kanye shrug*

But as I began to reflect on the past 20 years of my life which in a few days will culminate into a weekend full of events with faces that decorated the hallways, pep rallies and classes, I saw this as a milestone that must be reached. In the 20 years beyond high school, I earned my bachelor’s degree, landed my first “grown up” job in a terrible economy, moved out of my childhood bedroom and into my adult home, earned a masters, wrote my first book and embarked on a weight loss journey where I lost nearly 40 pounds to date (..and still loosing thank you very much!). In all those good things, there were painful moments. I was laid off two weeks before Christmas one year into living on my own, got into my first car accident where my vehicle was a total loss, suffered heartbreak then cared for and laid my father to rest (all of the details are in my book..if you want the tea, hit me up for a copy).

The urgency to attend the reunion became great. Thoughts of “maybe I’ll just attend one event” turned into “I must traverse this milestone and close this chapter”. I must do it for the culture.

I must!

There is something wonderful that lies beyond the event filled weekend. Something wonderful beyond the hugs and the “so, what are you doing?” type questions.  I see a vast land of opportunity that needs to be conquered. More things to experience. More things to write about.  But just like any book, the last sentence has to be written and the page turned to write a new chapter.

I want to punctuate the past twenty years of my life with smiles, positive reflections and gratitude. Lots of it. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my mom. I owe it to my dad. I owe it to God for even allowing me to see a 20 year reunion as some of my classmates weren’t able to. This formerly quiet girl who spent most of her waking hours in the high school bandroom trying perfect her french horn playing “swaga” will gracefully step back into time as a battle tested 30 something wearing a slightly tilted crown. The tilt represents the journey I took to get here. It wasn’t straight. It had its bumps and bruises but it was still an honorable royal walk to the greatness that I am now because of the years I fatihfully endured since walking across the stage at FIU Arena on a rainy afternoon in June.

So, as the plane lands and comfort overtakes my decision to attend the reunion without my closest friends bka “da crew”, I will say here’s to 20 years post-high school and the rest of the life that God has given to me, everyone else from Miami Norland and all the 1997 high school grads worldwide.

By the way….if some of my classmates still don’t know who I am, I’ll just tell ’em go to page 183 in our yearbook then look on the third row third from the right.


Elegant woman with a suitcase traveling by rail.

pieces, bitter endings and God

I was talking to my editor one morning about the details concerning my second book before we traversed into the going-ons in our lives. I managed to let on that I’ve been on somewhat of a “detour/field trip” and that I’ve finally returned. Better yet, I returned to where I’m supposed to be: focused on my Christ-walk, career and writing…in THAT order. I wouldn’t say I went full-on “prodigal daughter”, but I was kinda MIA in the places that needed my undivided attention and presence.

She laughed and said “I’m back Jesus, I’m back” in a sing-song manner as if she knew I went off to a place where I knew I wasn’t supposed to be.

And you know what…I laughed.


In the midst of my planned/unplanned adventure I found that: God is in the pieces when things in our lives break and fall apart, (published article coming on that one), bitter endings are God’s way of making sure we do NOT revisit a closed chapter in our lives, God is still in control (only if we allow him to be) and God will send a few people to point you back to the road you’re supposed to be on (only if we listen and move).

So as I slowly step off the train a bit tired, in need of a shower and a long nap, I won’t give anything for my detour. The souvenirs from my trip cost me the former Tracey. Although those memories were bought and paid for with a “no return” policy, they remind me that I grew in areas that will quite possibly change the trajectory of my life. There was growth in the pieces and the bitter endings.

All I gotta say now is, I’m back Jesus. Let’s get this show on YOUR road.



Ok, so I am at lunch with my phone, entering a few personal quotes in my digital notebook and *BOOM* an idea hit me. Why not post 31 days of inspirational notes to help my readers #MARCHON from whatever it was into whatever will be. Things happen to shake our faith and make us loose our footing in where God has us. We must remain encouraged and keep it moving.

Stay tuned for the movement…!