Elegant woman with a suitcase traveling by rail.

pieces, bitter endings and God

I was talking to my editor one morning about the details concerning my second book before we traversed into the going-ons in our lives. I managed to let on that I’ve been on somewhat of a “detour/field trip” and that I’ve finally returned. Better yet, I returned to where I’m supposed to be: focused on my Christ-walk, career and writing…in THAT order. I wouldn’t say I went full-on “prodigal daughter”, but I was kinda MIA in the places that needed my undivided attention and presence.

She laughed and said “I’m back Jesus, I’m back” in a sing-song manner as if she knew I went off to a place where I knew I wasn’t supposed to be.

And you know what…I laughed.


In the midst of my planned/unplanned adventure I found that: God is in the pieces when things in our lives break and fall apart, (published article coming on that one), bitter endings are God’s way of making sure we do NOT revisit a closed chapter in our lives, God is still in control (only if we allow him to be) and God will send a few people to point you back to the road you’re supposed to be on (only if we listen and move).

So as I slowly step off the train a bit tired, in need of a shower and a long nap, I won’t give anything for my detour. The souvenirs from my trip cost me the former Tracey. Although those memories were bought and paid for with a “no return” policy, they remind me that I grew in areas that will quite possibly change the trajectory of my life. There was growth in the pieces and the bitter endings.

All I gotta say now is, I’m back Jesus. Let’s get this show on YOUR road.