When the Christ-walk gets dry

In this Christ-walk there will be seasons. Seasons where you have so much to do, people to see and places to go. Seasons where you are at total peace and even seasons where growth is birthed out of trials. And then there are seasons where there is nothing going on. When I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing to run home and tell mom or the blog about.

Absolutely nothing!

I personally remember the times where I contemplated going back to what God told me to walk away from. But then, reality sets in and the disappointing memories of times past reminded me that the past and all it entails is in a place where I should not return. Then I thought “But God, what about my social life? I’m still young. My greys aren’t noticeable under all this afro crowning glory. I can still do the wobble line dance with the best of them. I don’t want to wake up and my youth is all but a memory while I’m feeding cats and watering plants!” The moment I thought about thinking about rustlin’ up a no good dating excursion and giving into all the ill advice from random people, I came across this very transparent account from a sister in Christ…

“Living a holy life can be emotionally painful at times. Wanting to be friends with some people, but you can’t, because you don’t want your spirit to be corrupted by bad company. Trying over and over to find the right guy but every guy your come across God says no to.”

Slain in the spirit yet?

“The happiness I thought I would have rebelling against God never came.”

Someone bring the cloth and cover me up.

This young lady echoed the sentiments I’ve had on numerous occasions while confirming what I knew all along: without Christ, there is no joy.  The random thoughts like  “I want to be on the go”, “I want to be in” and  “I want the life I have in my head ” ran through my head during those dry seasons. We’ve all been there. Even the strongest of believers went on a “field trip” without a signed permission slip from our heavenly father. While some of us stayed in our rooms arms folded pouting at God,  others forged His signature in the middle of the night and wandered away only to return disappointed and bruised by the world and what it was “supposed” to offer.

In the non-eventful “boring” season, we may think that we are the only ones experiencing “desert-like” conditions (i.e. no business or career opportunities, weekend nights alone, dreams that just can’t get off the ground and  hum-drum day to day living). The good news is, we are not walking this Christ-walk alone and these seasons are meant to come and go. This means we can overcome those dry moments, days, and weeks through the transparent testimony of another and staying in His word. In this case, this courageous young sister in the faith’s testimony ( and even her referring to disobedient Jonah running from the voice of the Lord) became a balm to my soul.

Real talk. The enemy is right there waiting for you to pick up that phone and call the cutie you’ve been entertaining in your mind when you know good and well, he is NOT the one. Or, entertaining the thought of rolling with the old crew that’s not quite jazzed about your new or well-established faith-walk. When the urge comes to forge Dad’s signature and run off, be still and know that Dad IS God. Dad architected this very season for you. Be real with God and tell him how you feel ( respectfully of course). He wants to hear from you during these times not watch you run into whatever is calling you away from Him. His peace will be like a glass of cool water during this very temporary dry spell.