Wisdom is expensive

The other day I was reflecting on the past and where I wanted to be in the future and a thought came up: “Wisdom is a life saver.”

Ecclesiastes 7:12 – “For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.”

The funny thing I’ve found about wisdom is that everybody doesn’t want it. Why, because it’s expensive! Nobody wants to be told how to live much less what to do with their life. Don’t even mention sacrifice. Just…forget about it.

People buy expensive situations in hopes for a return on investment that’s bigger than the price they originally paid. But what happens when there is a loss? Folks go back into their pocket and spend spend spend on people, hopes, dreams, and desires until they are emotionally bankrupt. Is wisdom expensive? Yup! It sure is. It costs a large amount of humility to “humble up” and listen to someone other than yourself while being led by God. But the ROI is insurmountable. It’s double, triple, quadruple in its return and way more than what a self-driven investment could ever promise.

Everybody has it all under control (and paid for) despite the silent cries for help plastered on the walls and halls of social media or better yet, the tears shed at night or privately during the day. Folks would rather struggle it out in the name of being a grown adult. I get it. But then again, I don’t.

Why not invest is in some good Christ-life wisdom? His wisdom has graciously extended her hand and gave me a life full of peace. Walking in His wisdom kept me from being foolish with the resources God allowed me to have while keeping me out of situations and away from people that would have brought me no peace. His wisdom told me where to plant seeds for my future. His wisdom flat out saved my life, from being like everyone else going bankrupt with maxed out credit (not talking about money either). His wisdom forged a unique path that only I can walk down.

Did you get that? There was a nugget in there at no cost to you!

While some of what I obtained was free, the others were paid for with a price that goes beyond money (i.e. cross, a crown of thorns, tomb, full acceptance, you get it!). Then it occurred to me, wisdom comes with a hefty price (i.e Christ) that most don’t want to “ante up” on much less invest in but would rather invest in something else that is not forever.

So, with all that wisdom has to offer, people want the free samples but not the endless supply. But one day (and there will be a day) wisdom will once again extend it’s hand to help or save someone but only when they ready and willing to pay the full price.